Has a rolling six week work window…
It works like this… whatever the present date is, you will be able to see your financial picture six weeks into the future. Two days…, two weeks…, or even two months from now you will still have six weeks forward in time to handle all of your home budget needs. All weeks beyond the six week window have a "Please Buy" label on them.

Just a reminder:
    The setup software will make the spreadsheet fully functional. It will not alter any of the information on your spreadsheet!

What is knowing the lowest week?

Most families can predict how their finances will look for about a month. Beyond that, it can become somewhat rough. Dips in you finances can creep up on you quickly. However, with our home budgeting spreadsheets, there is no more creeping! You just look at the bottom of the current month you are in and the spreadsheet tells you the lowest your finances will go from that point forward. We offer this advantage to you that you might be able to deal with low weeks, long before they become a problem!

"Money can't buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery."
- Spike Milligan

Thinking about Activation?

After activating your existing copy, you will be able to know the lowest that your finances will go in the entire year. You will be able to plan income and expenses well into the future. You will be able to watch as your savings grow over time. So it is with great pride, that we say that our spreadsheets can aid you in taking charge of your home budget.
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When you are ready to buy our home budget, simple click on the "Buy Now" button and follow the on-screen instructions. After your purchase, you will be returned to our site to download your setup software. The setup software will ONLY update your existing copy!! You will not lose any of your information on the spreadsheet.
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Family Home Budget (Limited Version)
Rolling six week work window
Rolling six week work window
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