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- Robert Orben
As a Budget...
You can find our household budgeting spreadsheet here!

Our Family Home Budgeting covers Christmas, Credit Cards, and more!

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Home Budget Spreadsheets
Household Budgeting dreams can come true!
Our Family spreadsheets work in three ways to aid you in reaching your goals. As a planner, it enables you to organize, set goals, and find solutions to the dreams of your life. As a Home Budget, it can assist in the setting up of income/expenses limits, savings, credit cards, and much more. And, as a ledger book, it can record all your transactions, allowing you to move bills to meat real world issues, etc.

Three steps to family budget success!

The key to any successful home budget is goal planning, and then having a plan to reach them. Our family spreadsheets offer you 12 Tabs, one for each month of the year in which to plan your goals. Each month is then broken down into three sections.

  1. Income - Up to 3 different types
  2. Expenses - What ever you want, and in the order you want to see them
  3. Summary - All of the calculations being done for you and more...

Household budgeting and your Income:
Our user-friendly family spreadsheets allow for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even sporadic incomes.

Household budgeting and your expenses:
Just simply write the names of your planed expenses along the left hand side; writing those expenses in the order in which you would like to see them appear. Then, just enter the amount for each bill in the "Week Ending" column to the right of each name.

Household budgeting and your Summary:
This section of your home budget breaks down each week to show your total income, total expenses, total savings, and more. The summary section also allows for the adjusting of your spreadsheet as to match your bank balance.

Your Family Spreadsheets as a Planner...

Our family spreadsheets allow you to set spending limits; thus helping you to achieve your long-term goals. With the Ledger Book style of our spreadsheets, you will be able to visualize your monthly financial picture. And you can stop worrying about how unexpected bills will affect your household budgeting; because there is at the bottom of each month a section that tells you just how low your bank balance will go in the entire year.

Your Family Spreadsheets as a Budget...

  • You have your goals and dreams in mind.
  • You have designed your Home Budget to include your goals and dreams; setting limits and allowing your savings to grow over time.

Since your family spreadsheets are only an idea of your project expenses, you will need to record what you actually spend from week to week. You just simply change the projected expense into the actual expense as you acquire them. Since no one records every little penny, we placed at the bottom of the bank summary an "Actual Bank Act." cell. If your bankbook is different then the home budget spreadsheet, just simple enter the correct amount into the "Actual Bank Act." cell. The rest of the home budget spreadsheet will automatically adjust.

Your Family Spreadsheets as a Ledger book...

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